You are pregnant and have a to-do list a mile long to get ready for your little ones arrival. There is so much to do in preparing the crib, getting all the clothes, making sure you have enough diapers and a million other things. As a Tacoma newborn photographer I have to remind you to add one more thing to that list!
This past week I did three newborn sessions! Three sweet baby boys, one of them I had scheduled in January, but the other two I schedule all within days of actually doing their session. Baby number one was 3 weeks old, and baby number 2 was 4 weeks old. Now I was able to manage great newborn sessions for each, but scheduling your newborn session ahead of time allows for the best possible results for photographing your baby. Giving your Tacoma newborn photographer 1-3 month’s notice of when your baby is due gives me the time to plan and customize your newborn session. If there is anything I need to order or design in preparing for your session this will give me plenty of time. Just to give you an idea some newborn items can take up to 4-8 weeks to order. The good news is as your Tacoma newborn photographer I have a large inventory of newborn props for your new baby, but just in case there are any special requests I like to be prepared.
Another reason for booking your newborn session prior to your babies arrival is to ensure I will have room in my schedule. I will always do what I can to squeeze clients in, but I can’t always since many of my clients book in advance to ensure that they will have a spot when their baby arrives.
The other reason in scheduling your newborn session ahead of time with this Tacoma newborn photographer is that younger babies, preferably between 7 and 10 day old, they are still able to snuggle into those squishy baby poses. The older they are they start stretching more and are not as pose able. I will still take older babies, but it greatly changes the style of newborn session. Generally, with babies between 7 and 10 days they will sleep the majority of the session and I can get the sweetest squishy newborn poses. This also brings up the next great point, younger babies sleep much better through the session! A sleepy baby makes for precious newborn photos that you will treasure forever. Older babies tend to startle easier and are more alert making the session more challenging to get them to mold with posing.
So my best advice is to book your Tacoma newborn photographer in advance! The sooner the better to ensure I can schedule your session, and to make sure that we have the best outcome.