Ok I have to admit something, having a toddler is one of the most frustrating stages in your child’s life. I just got past the toddler stage with my oldest who is now almost 5, but my middle child is 2.5 and just really struggling right now. This is a scary time in my life as a mom. Once, the storm clears with my middle one I have a one year old who is right behind him for me to go through it all again. So I don’t lose my mind, and writing is a form of therapy I am going to start a weekly blog on toddler tips. Having a blog as a Tacoma newborn photographer what better way to utilize it in a positive way. Hopefully some of you can learn from my experiences and maybe even some of you can give me some tips! It takes a village right? So let’s not face these challenges alone and come up with some super awesome way to make this time great for our little ones and a little bit easier on us!
Do you see that picture right there in this gallery? The one where you can’t really tell if he is scared, about to throw a tantrum, if he hates you or if he just wants a big hug? That is the look I get about 10 times a day. When I took this picture as a Tacoma newborn photographer I was very excited to have this as a precious memory to look back on through the years as he gets older. As his mom, this picture scares me to death. You have no idea, or maybe you do, what the last few weeks have been like. Seriously this kid gets upset because he is hungry! You can have a smorgasbord of his favorite foods lined up in front of him and he refuses to eat. Then he is crying because he is hungry! I try just about everything to get him to eat but he won’t. It’s so crazy how illogical toddlers are. I feel so alone in this; my oldest threw fits but nothing like this. I think it is a combination of being 2, a middle child, experiencing his emotions, and just wanting love. The best way to describe him is that he is a bucket of tears waiting to spill over. If anyone has similar experiences and has any good tricks I would love to hear them!
What I do know is strategize meltdown prevention. I try to feed him before he even has a chance to think he is hungry. The problem is it doesn’t always work, and have you ever tried to make a toddler eat? They are the pickiest eaters. My Eano has always been an adventurous eater (he loves salads and salsa), but it all has to be on his terms. Hopefully, this little bit of background on what I am dealing with will give you some ideas. Next week I am going to do some research on tips for toddlers and post it here to help us all out. Thanks for taking the time to read this Tacoma newborn photographers blog and I would love any feedback, advice or tips you have!