Oh man how much do I love a good snow session? It is crazy to think that as fast as winter has come there isn’t much time left to do these. Before you now it spring will be here, the snow will have melted, and we will see the start of buds getting ready to blossom. It does get me thinking about beautiful spring newborn babies as my mind starts fleeting with so many sweet ideas for spring for this Tacoma newborn photographer. But with living in the moment of where we are right now I love how this session turned out. I don’t get the chance very often to work with families with older children, and I love it every time I do. It is so fun to bring out the unique personalities of older children as a Tacoma newborn photographer.
This family is one of my favorites. Last year I did their family portrait session at the end of summer, and to this day it has some of my favorite photos from it. This year I was so happy they were up for making a trip out to North Bend to get us out in the snow! I was pretty worried about the oldest because of his leg injury, but we made sure to go very slow and take out time. Plus we picked a spot that was well cleared and used so it was very easy access. Snow sessions continue to capture my heart. The best part of this session was of course the boys had a snowball fight! I’m so thrilled with some of the moments I captured with snowballs in mid air and the boys faces trying to dodge being hit.
I think I may only have time to get in a couple more snow sessions. Next year I’m going to plan for them ahead of time, and maybe even prepare some family mini sessions! It’s pretty magical being out there in the woods out past the city with the beautiful snowfall. As a Tacoma newborn photographer I am so excited for 2017 and all the possibilities and families that I will be blessed to work with this year! Winter, spring, summer and fall I want to do something special for each season to make the most of it