It seems like this year has been dragging on forever under a big gray cloud. Every morning and everyday has been gray skies and gloomy cold weather. I don’t normally like to be a downer on Washington weather, cause hey I have lived here for the majority of my life and I am used to it. This just seems to be the first year in a long time where we didn’t have an early spring, so winter just dragged on forever. Not much has been keeping me very sane, but this last week has given us just a small sampling of spring!

This past weekend I had family come up from Oregon to visit us up here and do some touristing in Seattle. It was a great time we rode the train from Angle Lake station into downtown Seattle. It definitely beats driving into the city and then having to pay for parking dealing with the traffic. Plus it gave us some great excuses to walk around and do some extra site seeing.

Very rarely do I ever get to walk through Pikes Place Market and the Seattle waterfront very often, so I brought along my camera so I could use it on my own family. It was fun to take on that role of the annoying tourist with their camera taking photos throughout the city. I love my camera and getting to use it in a different element for my family and just for fun! It really is a good experience to make it enjoyable. Plus I had the bonus of getting some beautiful photos of my babies and my family. I also took a few photos just for me of the city. It was so hard to get away for just a minute to take the photos I wanted to. Running around the city with 3 children under 4 and 6 adults makes it a little more difficult for everyone to get the time to do what they want. Luckily, we are all pretty low key and just enjoyed spending time in each others company. I have a couple photos I wanted to share I hope you enjoy!