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Baby safety is so important in newborn photography. Getting a newborn baby into many of these beautiful cute squishy poses that just tug at your heart strings with baby cuteness overload is a skilled work of art. Ever heard that expression sleep like a baby? Well if you’ve had a baby you know that it isn’t a deep peaceful sleep that last for hours. Newborn babies startle very easily! A baby might be put into a perfect newborn photo pose and when the photographer steps away to take the photo the baby could suddenly startle, causes baby to fall out of the pose. If a newborn photographer is not skilled or trained on newborn safety this could be dangerous. Baby could fall or be put at risk.

There are also other poses that are extremely difficult to do. Not every baby will do every pose for so many different reasons. It takes a skilled newborn photographer to know and understand babies and how to safely pose newborns for newborn photos.

The baby picture I have shown in this blog post is called froggy or head in hands pose. It is a very beautiful pose and baby looks so perfect and peaceful sleepily resting his or her head into their hands. The pose is one of the most difficult newborn poses to do. Seasoned newborn photographers might be lucky to get this pose with every 1 in 10 babies. As your Seattle newborn photographer this is one of my favorite poses, but I would never push baby to do it or do it unsafely. It is done as a composite of putting 2 images together as one. I will have a spotter hold babies head and hands and remove them in each different shot to get this perfect baby picture.

The point of this post is for a couple of reasons. One being that as a Seattle newborn photographer all my clients and potential clients know that I pose my babies safely and take care of each baby that I work with. The second is to help anyone wanted to replicate this pose to know that it is a composite and that they won’t try to just do this one on their own without probably knowing how to do this pose safely.

One of my favorite poses potato sack pose! Some of the many of my favorites

Seattle newborn photographer