My first wedding of the season for 2017 was absolutely amazing! It could have not gone any more perfect then I had imagined in anticipation of shooting this gorgeous wedding as a wedding photographer. The wedding was in Capital Hill and was a picture perfect example of a Seattle wedding. From the weather, the location, the venue and beautiful wedding couple. I also have checked off the list of getting to be a Seattle wedding photographer! That is an exciting and great way to kick off the start of wedding season. This was a bucket list of mine I didn’t think I would get to check off just yet, and I am so grateful that I was able to be apart of.


I had such a great time the wedding was so casual and full of love. As a wedding photographer I get to see behind the scenes of everything that goes on, and this was a fun event for everyone who attended. This was the first wedding I have been to that they served the food as an appetizer buffet instead of a full meal, and it was a nice refreshing touch to the making a perfect wedding. The food was visually pleasing and helped to keep a laid back joyful experience for the guests. The less time spent on a formal sit down dinner, means there is more time for dancing and mingling with all the guests.

Going through all these photos for this couple, you genuinely can see how much they love each other. These two were so flawless I barely needed to give them any direction in posing. They were a wedding photographers dream to photograph. It was almost more like doing a wedding stylized shoot. This wedding is going to go down as one of my favorites for a long time. The Oola disterilly in Seattle is a wonderful venue that offers so much charm for a wedding. We were able to get garden like photos, urban city photos, and some stunning nighttime photos. These will make an amazing wedding album and gorgeous canvas photos to hang on display to enjoy and relive these memories of starting a wonderful life together.

I am so excited to share these photos and live up to my dream of being a Seattle wedding photographer.