I have no idea how I am a mom of three boys! I especially can’t believe that a year ago my newborn baby is now 25 pounds and walking around everywhere getting into anything he can reach or get his little hands into. I can still picture his sweet tiny hands, smell his newborn skin, and feel his soft skin and hair. Where does the time go?
Looking back at my youngest pictures from his first year of life I see how much he has changed and grown in the last year, but I can also see my growth as a photographer. Even though I had many sleepless nights and crazy days chasing after two toddlers I still managed to work on my development as a Tacoma newborn photographer. I spent many of those sleepless nights in-between the short hours of newborn sleeping, working on so many sessions from this past year. Working with all those families, newborn babies, seniors, and I did squeeze in one wedding last year I was able to gain a ton of experience and work on gaining even more knowledge. Photography is one of those things I don’t think there will ever come a day where this Tacoma newborn photographer will have learned everything there is. Photography is an art, and it involves a ton of technology, which is always evolving and changing. Seeing my growth this past year I am so excited to see where 2017 takes me in my photography journey.
For my one year olds birthday I really wanted to do a cake smash photo session because I never did anything like that with my older boys, so this was my last chance. Somehow it turned into a photo shoot with all three, which was perfect because my kids almost never cooperate in taking photos. These pictures are in no way perfect, but it is their expressions and the moments I captured that tells a story about their lives now that I will cherish. When my husband and I went through them it was so hard to narrow down the photos and so many of them had us laughing so hard. I will forget a lot over the years about ever little detail of my children, but these pictures will be all I will have to go back in time to refresh my memory of this special time in our lives. I’m proud that I was able to do the Tacoma newborn photographer role in capturing these moments, and as a mom