Oh January, I think it is my least favorite month. Winter is the hardest season all year with all of the sicknesses going around, the bitter cold weather, and the darkness. After Christmas and the anticipation of the holidays January hits you after the fog of the magic of the holidays disappears. Now I’m just waiting for spring even though we still have month’s left of this cold and dreary weather.
It has been even harder with not being able to get outdoors as often. I miss being able to take my kids to the park for a couple of hours to burn off some energy. Now I am stuck in the house trying to come up with ways to entertain my little bundle of energy balls. Last year with was nice and distracting with a newborn baby to care for and snuggle. This year now I have three toddlers instead. As a Tacoma newborn photographer it is the hardest time of year to manage both family and my profession. I would love to get outdoors with my kids and wear us all out and then relax and do all the things I need to as a Tacoma newborn photographer.
Well, this year I decided to combat the dreary month of January by doing a model call for pregnant mommas to do a snow maternity photo session in the snow! I ended up with three mommas, when I thought it was crazy to even get one momma to get out in the cold weather during her pregnancy. I was one lucky Tacoma newborn photographer!! One of my models just had her baby yesterday! What timing literally only 6 days after doing our maternity photo shoot she had her newborn baby boy! And guess who will be doing her newborn photos? This Tacoma newborn photographer! I have been planning this one for a while and I am so excited! She is doing her nursery with a woodland theme, and I purchased the cutest little gray furry bear romper. Well I will have plenty of time to blog about that session in the future.
After doing this beautiful session for these mommas last week I think I have found my passion of getting pregnant women a chance to wear beautiful dresses and celebrate this amazing time in their lives. I am so excited for what this year will bring, and I am really looking forward to adding more stunning dresses to my collection.