Newborn poses!!! I thought I would make a fun post to go over the different newborn poses and include my favorites as your Seattle newborn photographer! All those beautiful squishy newborn poses have names and ideal positioning. As much as sometimes it looks like those babies are just gently placed into positioning, it takes work and skill to learn newborn posing.

I thought writing this post might be helpful for some of my parents when they are looking through newborn photos to see the types of styles and posing that they like. It also helps me as a Seattle newborn photographer to look at my favorite poses and the technicality of the look I am going for.

Here is one of my favorites, potato. Baby is sitting up right with babies little hands pulled out. I love to do it with a flokati and bury them in it I think it looks more realistic then a baby just freestanding upright. It’s also beautiful with a floral crown or cute little hat. Styling this one is so fun.

Seattle Newborn Photographer

This is head in hands pose or froggy. The most difficult and advanced of all poses and I only expect to get it maybe 1 in 10 babies. But my oh my it is beautiful!

Taco pose! Sometimes called womb pose. Well I do more of a soft taco without the ankles crossed underneath baby. It is easier on baby to pose and is better for transitioning into multiple poses without disturbing baby too much.

Seattle newborn photographer

Bum up pose. My solid can pretty much get every time pose. I love this staple pose because it really showcases baby and babies generally love this pose. Plus it can look amazing with different outfits, hats and pant sets.

Seattle Newborn Photographer

Huck Finn. I love love this one! It is much trickier to get it correctly. Playing with babies hands to get them where they are not all balled up is tough, and if baby is easily startled they jump out of this pose the most. If baby is naked it is really hard because you have to strategically hide all the “goods.”

The lazy Huck Finn. Here is a variation of the Huck Finn that is more relaxed and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite go to poses. With that being said there are many poses that are variations and modifications of these mentioned poses.

I hope you enjoyed a run down of your Seattle newborn newborn photographers favorite newborn poses!