You would think as a Tacoma newborn photographer I would have a ton of beautiful pictures of my own children, right? Well, no. My kids do not want to cooperate with me at all. They don’t care that I want to have the same beautiful photos of my own family, as I am able to create for all my wonderful clients as a Tacoma newborn photographer. Maybe because it is easier to listen to a stranger than it is to your own mother, but whatever it is they do not want to sit still and look at mommy to take a picture. Normally, I also do have parents in the background helping me out to get the children’s attention, and helpful hands when I need them. When I am the mom Tacoma newborn photographer all I have is my one hand on my camera, and the other keeping my son in place to take a picture.
To get creative I try and do small bursts of photo sessions with my children with very low expectations. It helps for me as a Tacoma newborn photographer to practice on my very unruly children, so that when I get a session with my lovely clients I can be well practiced at getting cute smiles and faces from those children. The best trick really is being patient and sitting back. Sometimes my sessions do go longer than normal because of this, but children really set their own time lines.
My goal in this new year is to take more pictures of my children and to be a little more creative with their sessions that makes them excited about taking pictures. It is just much harder to take photos of children with balls of energy then it is during the warmer months when we can go outside and do things that take their minds off mommy behind the camera. As much as I love shooting outdoors I am so excited to be getting a part studio share in downtown Sumner starting in February! I’m hoping to get more creative with indoor sessions, and the chance to have a big beautiful place to do even more newborn sessions as a Tacoma newborn photographer!