I s it just me or has every baby I have had this year been too cute for words? Meet baby Isaiah. This little one gave this Tacoma newborn photographer a run for her money, but luckily he was so precious and worth all the extra work. He came into my studio in Sumner, Washington at 3 weeks old! I knew he might be a little challenging so I was well prepared and took my time to make sure he had a great newborn session.

We started with photos of this sweet baby boy and his beautiful momma. I definitely won the lottery with how beautiful these two were. It was even more exciting when this Tacoma newborn photographer was able to capture baby Isaiah and his mother in a picture together with him smiling! It doesn’t always happen where newborn babies smile for their photos, but Isaiah managed to give a little smile in the most perfect moment.
The rest of his session went perfect. We even managed to get some more pictures of baby and mom together. My goal as a Tacoma newborn photographer is to capture some beautiful newborn photos of your baby, but the joy of being a full service photographer, is that I want to capture the essence of not just your new little one, but also that connection of mom and baby. It is easy to forget about yourself as a new mother. It is so wonderful welcoming a new baby into your life, and it goes by so fast that you want to capture every moment of your newborn’s life. I like to make sure to capture the best of both worlds. So if at the very least, if you forget about getting yourself in the picture as your baby grows, when you have a photo session with me you will get some that you love with yourself in them! There is a picture I have with my mom and I when I was about 4 years old, it is my all time favorite photo of myself and my family. It is priceless to have that moment and that connection.
I hope you enjoy this session captured by your Tacoma newborn photographer. If you are having a baby I would love to capture you and your journey into motherhood!