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I have wanted to do a maternity session with a couple for so long! This year has been the year of maternity sessions, but the focus has solely been on showcasing the beautiful mommas. I loved how we incorporated showcase mommas beauty and the bonSeattle newborn photographerd and love between both of them. It is so special to see the love between these two and the proud and happy moments celebrating the pregnancy. I am a lucky Seattle newborn photographer to have the pleasure of capturing the beauty of pregnancy and the magic and beauty of newborn babies entering the world. This is a sweet sentimental pregnancy photo session before all that fun stuff happens. I hope that this couple will be able to look back at these moments and see how much they loved their little boy before they even had the chance to hold him in their arms or see his face.


Seattle newborn photographer

If you have ever been pregnant do you remember what it is like to feel the kicking and turning of your baby in your belly? I just love this maternity photo session and the capture of the Dad hugging her belly. You can see on his face how proud he is already before his baby has arrived. In twenty years it is going to be so amazing to look back on these photos to see how much has changed and how their family has grown over the years.Seattle newborn photographer

What memories are going to mean the most to you in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years? My oldest son is turning 5 years this year and it already has gone by with a blink of an eye. I love being able to look on our walls at the photos throughout the years. It brings back so many memories that I sometimes forget with everything that has changed. As a Seattle newborn photographer I want all my clients to have that to treasure of their own lives. Just remember to print and back up all your photos. Once I had a whole session lost because I didn’t back up the photos our photographer gave us.

I hope you enjoy the photos from this session it is my favorite as a Seattle newborn photographer so far! Get Dad in your pictures the more you have together makes the memories that more special.



Seattle newborn photographer Seattle newborn photographer Seattle newborn photographer