You are pregnant and carrying a little one that you cannot wait to hold in your arms. Whether this is your first pregnancy, second, third or so on it is an incredible journey leading to the birth of your child. You may not feel like it but you are glowing and gorgeous. When I was pregnant I definitely did not feel like this, but these were words I heard all the time from friends, family and even strangers. At the time I did not feel this way, but now that I have three children when I look back I view my pregnancy completely different.
At the time all the changes happening to be during pregnancy was overwhelming at times and so uncomfortable. I used to joke around and say that I was the size of a beached whale, because that is exactly what I felt like. Looking back at the photos I have at that time I don’t see a beached whale, I do see the glow and I also see a time in my life that was brief and I will most likely never experience again. It was a moment in time I wished I had taken the time and investment to capture it with professional photos. My husband had pushed me to do it, and even our family photographer had, but at the time I really didn’t feel up to it. It is my one regret of my pregnancy for not taking maternity photos. It is not the end of the world, and luckily as a Tacoma newborn photographer I realize the value in maternity photos and I can transfer that into a passion with maternity photography.
If you are thinking of getting maternity photos what is the process and what are the steps? Every pregnancy is different as we all show more or less at various times throughout your pregnancy. I typically suggest having your maternity photos done between 28 and 35 of your pregnancy. This is when you will have that beautiful round belly awaiting to pop with your newborn baby.
Here are some quick tips of book your maternity photo session:

• Plan between 38-35 weeks of pregnancy
• Book early (at least 1 month in advance)
• Pamper yourself with a mini make over (it might be your last for awhile)
• Embrace the beauty of your pregnancy body
• Relax and have fun!

I will be working on a video of a behind the scenes of a maternity photo session with your local Tacoma newborn photographer. It will help to give you an idea of what it is like to work with me and what you can expect. I have several maternity gowns that are gorgeous turning you into that stunning momma you are. Whether you want to do your maternity photo session in studio, on location or both we will create gorgeous art of this time in your life.