Seattle Newborn Photographer

How do you get a baby to pose like that? Newborn babies, especially in those first few weeks of life are really great sleepers! With a skilled experienced Seattle newborn photographer and a good prep prior to the session done by the parents you will have a successful newborn photography session.

Posing babies takes skill, practice, education and patience. When I first started doing newborn photography I started doing lifestyle sessions. This is where I would go to a client’s home and document their baby in their home and natural environment. We didn’t pose the babies, but focused on the connection of baby and the family. I am a mother of 3 myself, and I knew that getting babies to pose for newborn photography wasn’t something I could just look on Pinterest to replicate ideas and then try out myself. I am writing this post just because I see so many new newborn photographers in the area trying these poses and doing it horribly wrong, putting the baby in jeopardy. As your Seattle newborn photographer I would never force a baby to do a pose or set up just to get a picture. The safety and well-being on your baby always takes priority. Even know having taken training on newborn posing and safety by another great Seattle newborn photographer I will not promise any poses to parents for their baby.

There are so many things to take into consideration for posing, every baby is different. The age of the baby, any medical issues, temperament and just the individuality of the baby will determine what poses baby will do. In general, there are several poses I can always get a baby into safely like bum up, potato, wrapped photos and parent posing. For each newborn session I have a plan and goal of what I want to accomplish and generally I do it, but every so often there may be a reason why I don’t get a pose and that’s ok.

Seattle Newborn Photographer

The picture here is for head in hands pose, which is my favorite! But really maybe 1 in 4 babies will go into this pose. If you look at this baby is supported and in the pose securely, the person holding babies head is just there for support. Some photographers will do this pose and not even have a hand on baby. While I don’t agree on that it just shows the skill and behind the scenes things new photographers or parents might not pick up on. Like the set up it takes underneath baby to support them in this position you cannot see that in the photo. As well as the before and after that this is a composite created by coming two photos together.

So what I recommend as your Seattle newborn photographer parents do your research when looking for a newborn photographer that is skilled, trained and experienced in working with newborns. The safety of your baby is worth it. For new newborn photographers, look for a mentor, do a workshop and get hands on training working with newborns. Don’t just try to wing it yourself. Investing in your own training is the best investment you can do for yourself, your business and the quality of your work.