If you lived in Washington State for the last few years you would know that we have not had a long winter like this in years! We almost always have an early spring, but this year we were in for a long winter. After September I am always looking forward to winter, but by the time January comes around I’m ready for it to be over. Now that it is mid March I am soooooo ready for it to be over! Luckily, it does seem to be warming up, and I am starting to notice little buds on trees and flowers. What a relief because this dreary weather has had be in the worst funk I just cannot shake.

With all this cold wet weather I have not really been able to do any location sessions. It was a blessing in disguise, because it gave me the chance to work in studio with some beautiful mommas for their maternity photo sessions. At my studio in Sumner I stock several maternity dresses for an option for my pregnant clients to use. It really is just an amazing experience to play dress up and capture the beauty of her pregnancy. The advantage of working in studio is that we have more time to play and try on different dresses for our session. It is also so much more intimate for the client to relax and enjoy the process of getting her photo taken.

This session was pretty amazing and very relaxed. I love when my client’s trust and work with my ideas and vision I have for their session. When you are behind the lens it looks a lot different from the client’s perspective. These did not disappoint and her pregnancy photos are absolutely gorgeous! I do take credit for a lot of it ;P but it is mostly from that beautiful pregnancy glow from carrying life! It is an amazing journey from start to finish. How much we women go through during pregnancy and all the changes that happen in such a short amount of time (even though it feels like forever when you are pregnant) it is an incredible time. I am so happy to be a maternity photographer and help women see and realize how beautiful their journey is.