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What do you do for a living? What are you passionate about? Did you wake up one day and become good at it? Probably not. Most likely it took you years of practice, education and studying to develop your skills. Once you got to a certain point did you stop learning? No. We are always continuing to learn and grow with each day. You might not have to immerse yourself into the same strict discipline as you did when you were first starting out, but each day each task you are continuing to build on your skill and expertise.

The same is for myself as a Seattle newborn photographer. When I first started out I had so much to learn it was overwhelming. It took me about 2 years before I felt like I was good enough as a Seattle newborn photographer. Then my growth and development kept skyrocketing and getting better with leaps and bounds because I had a good solid foundation to build on. Each client I work with I feel like my work is continuing to get better and better. I can’t even imagine what my skills will be like 5 years from now. That doesn’t mean what I am doing now isn’t good or won’t live up to what I will do in the future. Or that what I have done in the past isn’t something I’m proud of because I’ve gotten better now. It is a part of my growth and my learning to uphold quality and efficiency.

I once read an interesting story, I’m not sure if it is true or not but it is a pretty good analogy. A lady had a painting of her done by Picasso on the street. The painting took 15 minutes. When it was finished the lady asked Picasso how much, and he replied $500. She responded with “But it only took you 15 minutes how can it be that much?” Picasso replied “No it has taken me my whole life.”

The point of the story is that in order to get to that point of mastering your craft to be efficient and deliver quality it took years of studying and building on your skills to reach that point. As your Seattle newborn photographer I promise to never stop learning and to never stop working on being the best version of myself I can be to deliver beautiful images for you and your family.