When this family contacted me to do an extended family session I have to admit that as a Tacoma newborn photographer I was pretty nervous. The more people that I work with in a session means the more I really have to pay attention to getting everyone to cooperate, and getting great combinations of all family members without leaving anyone out. Then when you add children into the mix then I’ve really got a challenge. Luckily, for me this was a great family to work with and everyone showed up ready for pictures! This Tacoma newborn photographer could not have asked for a better extended family to work with. It was ice cold but everyone was very well dressed to bear the weather, and on top of that they all coordinated perfectly and looked terrific! I am a family of 5 and have a hard enough time getting our outfits to look well together, and they managed to look perfect for all nine of the family members. Did I forget to mention how adorable the children were? They looked straight out of a magazine ad, and were so sweet. If every family that comes to this Tacoma newborn photographer are so nice, prepared and easy to work with I will have the most amazing job in the world.
Let’s talk a little bit about the location. This was my first time shooting at Fort Steliacoom Park. I had gone there earlier this year when I had photos taken of me with my boys, but I have never taken a family for a session but I have always wanted to. This is the most beautiful time of the year with blooming flowers or fall color but it was still a gorgeous location! I am such a big fan of the rustic barn look and wide open fields, it has the exact look I love as a Tacoma newborn photographer. It is not as far as I thought it would from my house, even though it would seem like it would be over an hour, but it was only about thirty minutes! This was a great family to work with as a Tacoma newborn photographer and I love how you can see the family connections in the photos.
This might be my last post of the year. I have a ton to catch up on, but I hoping to finish at least one more blog if I can squeeze it in for this Tacoma newborn photographer.