So I am prepping for my newborn session tomorrow night just as I finished up editing his momma’s maternity session. His momma went into labor just a couple days after our session in the snow. I was so worried that the cold, all the walking, and just because we were out in the middle of nowhere that she would go into labor during our shoot. Luckily, she didn’t because the only experience I have with delivering babies is of my own, and I don’t know how well I would do delivering a newborn baby. I am a Tacoma newborn photographer not a midwife or doctor I’ll stick to this profession. Fortunately, she was able to safely deliver her baby in a hospital with her family.
These snow maternity sessions are definitely on the list for my all time favorite sessions. I was so lucky as a Tacoma newborn photographer to have three beautiful pregnant mommas for a maternity session. Each model brought something unique and special to the session. This momma was able to wear my favorite black maternity dress that molds to the body showing off the beautiful pregnancy figure and trails a long tulle train. In the snow with the forest background it was absolutely beautiful. These photos have a stunning magical feel to them. This was exactly what I was going for as a Tacoma newborn photographer. You don’t feel like it during the pregnancy, but it is a magical journey that a woman’s body goes through amazing feats to create a beautiful little baby. Pregnancy was not without its pains, but it is all worth it to get to meet a sweet little baby with tiny precious toes and that newborn smell.
Well while I prep for this newborn session tomorrow morning these photos will help to inspire my creative outlet to create even more amazing images for my client. I’m really looking forward to getting some great sibling shots. This newborn baby has an 18 month old big brother that I am hoping will make for some great sibling photos for this Tacoma newborn photographer. I also had purchased a special newborn romper for this session with the cutest gray fur fuzz to accent it. Keep your fingers crossed for me that everything goes as planned; the family is coming from Issaquah to meet me at the studio in Sumner for the session. I will update and blog some more great newborn photos soon from the session.