I have really enjoyed completing my blogs backwards. Things get so crazy as a Tacoma newborn photographer with all my sessions, raising three little boys, and just trying to manage life. When I am working on a session for a client I am so engrossed in the process it is difficult to sit back to reflect and enjoy the experience I had. I put a lot into each session from the initial consultation, to planning, the actual session and then the editing process. There is so much to go through from selecting which images to edit, to bring in out the details and colors in each image. With every family as a Tacoma newborn photographer I have a vision for each session to create images for my families to treasure of this time in their life.
Looking back at this family I remember how warm the sun was in the glow I see in the photos. I remember feeling a small chill in the air, but compared to the cold weather we are having now was nothing. These small memories I have with each client is something I hope that they will be able to find the memories of the moment of each other. The time goes by so fast before you know it your children have grown to where you have no idea where the time went. Bringing home a newborn baby it seems like time stands still with all the work and needs the little ones have. Then before you know they are crawling, then walking, and then establishing their independence from being so needy and clingy to their parents. So many clients I have worked with as a Tacoma newborn photographer I have got to see these moments and how the children have changed and grown throughout the years.
Working with clients again from a year ago I get to see the huge leaps in growth, but as a mother you don’t realize the growth until one day you look at your child and all of a sudden they seem so grown up. I can’t imagine the memories I will have of my own family, but the memories I will get to share and be apart of with all my clients as a Tacoma newborn photographer.