Seattle Newborn Photographer Seattle Newborn Photographer Seattle Newborn Photographer Seattle Newborn Photographer

I don’t think you understand how difficult it is to be a Seattle newborn photographer. Seriously, it is like every single session I feel like one that I have to pinch myself for this even being what I do, and two I feel like every single session is the best session ever! Picking favorites has never been something I am good at but with baby Briggs it is hard not to. I mean look at his hair! Seattle Newborn PhotographerThe perfect shade of a strawberry blonde, and so full for just being 13 days old when I met him! I couldn’t believe it when I first saw him when he and his family arrived at my studio in Sumner, Washington.

This little precious bouncing baby boy was from the maternity session I just finished up that almost didn’t happen for them because of the rain. Nothing could have prepared me with how cute and sweet this newborn baby boy would be. His newborn photo session went absolutely perfect. I did have a lovely assistant with me that day but he was so sweet and posable and mellow we were able to get so many beautiful newborn photos of this baby boy. Talk about a Seattle newborn photographers dream!

Seattle newborn photographer Seattle newborn photographer

Oh my goodness do you see the cop outfit his mom brought for his baby pictures? I about died when I put it on him and put him in the posing set.Seattle newborn photographer My assistant and I were gushing over him the entire time with how stinking adorable it was. I mean come on a police uniform and a mini donut? This little baby boy is about to melt hearts with his baby pictures. These will be so amazing for him and his family to look back at when he was a newborn baby. They are perfectly classic, but capture the special unique characteristics of him and his parents. His family photos are perfection to, I just love it when you literally can tell how much this family loves their new baby. These are the sessions that will make this Seattle newborn photographer cry. Hands down I am in love. After doing this session I can’t wait to do my next newborn session, hopefully it will go just as smooth! Let’s not jinx it though ;P

Seattle Newborn Photographer Seattle newborn photographer