Bokeh? What is that and what does it mean to you? As a photographer it is that beautiful dreamy oh so creamy effect from a good lens, the right camera settings and the skilled placement of the subject from the background and the position of the photographer. This is a look in photos that photographers and myself included love and drool over. To someone who doesn’t know what they are looking at it they may only see a nice photo but not what is giving that beautiful look. The look also might not be appealing to everyone.

I remember the time I was editing one of my favorite photos that had the most perfect creamy bokeh. When my husband saw the photo he told me it was nice but said next time I should work on not making the background all blurry. Talk about a hand to face to moment. The bokeh look is not for everyone. It’s personal preference and it is a big part of my work. I use my Canon 135mm lens to achieve this look. It is not just the lens it also takes knowing how to work your camera settings to get that look and where to put my clients correctly in the best distance from the background.

Generally for my portrait sessions I will only use my 135mm lens. As your Seattle newborn photographer you should know that a majority of my work will have this look. I do like to switch it up depending on the session and also to add some variety into a session. My other favorite go to lens is my Canon 35mm. I am a prime lens fan you cannot beat that sharpness and clarity in your photos. When I go to some of these gorgeous Pacific Northwest locations with amazing views and scenery I like to showcase it with the crispness of my 35mm lens.

Seattle Newborn Photographer

Your Seattle newborn photographer at North Bend at Gold Creek Pond took this photo. I had to capture it’s beauty with this beautiful family. Just look at that reflection in that crystal clear water! So this is an example of a photo without the bokeh effect.

Seattle Wedding Photographer

This next photo was taken at a wedding and I love to portray that creamy bokeh with a wedding. It is so intimate and romantic I am just in love with photos like this.

Whichever your preference is it is good to know and see the difference. Communicating and finding a photographer that his or her work fits with your preference is important in hiring a professional photographer to capture your memories.